iNTAKE @Cachot (Marcus Toast, Bolster, Gaāl)

October 7, 2023
10:00 pm
Hauwerstraat 3B, 8000 Brugge
Fuifzaal Cachot
iNTAKE @Cachot (Marcus Toast, Bolster, Gaāl)





💥 iNTAKE returns to Brugge Centrum with a great lineup, combining international with local artists.
⚡ Nick B
⚡ Stemvork (SPONTAAN, KNALL)
⚡ Marcus Toast B (BAM!, Ostend Beach)
⚡ Daniel Nicoarã (iNTAKE, Strandfuif)
⚡Bolster (iNTAKE, Strandfuif)
⚡ Gaāl (Kollektiv, WeCanDance)
📽 Special production by iNTAKE Visuals!
💒 The Venue: 🔞
Fuifzaal Het Cachot is a new party hall located in Brugge, close to the city center and the train station.
The address is Hauwerstraa 3B, B8000, Brugge, in the same building and below the students’ village.
🔺 Access: 🔞
🚌 🚄 By public transport:
‘t Cachot is within walking distance of the train station (12 min) and of ‘t Zand station (3 min), where bus lines from all corners of the region stop.
🚲 By bike: ‘t Cachot is easily accessible by bicycle. Google Maps says that the ride from Bruges station to ‘t Cachot takes about 3 minutes. There are plenty of bicycle parking facilities nearby.
🚗 By car: There is plenty of parking in the area, one option could be ‘t Zand center car parking.
⛔ No drugs, No weapons, No Violence, No homophobia, No sexism, No racism.
➕ Please be nice, or go somewhere else!
💶 Payment: Cash / Payconiq / Mobile banking
🙏 Thank you & Enjoy!
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